Walkabout (Free Choice)

For this post I tried experimenting with some macro Photography! Now is isn’t the actual and true macro photos that come with having a macro lens. This was just me experimenting with the macro mode on my camera. And some of them turned out pretty good in my opinion! Here are some examples of true macro photography, which I hope to do someday. Notice how they all focus on things that are super small to begin with, and the abstract colors in the background. Thats what makes macro photography super cool in my opinion, the background blends together to give the photo a sharper look. Thats super cool to me.  HERE is an even better link that I found. This one has a ton of different ideas on macro photography. Well here are my pictures-

budding tree limg 2

(Sorry if they are small, couldn’t figure out what was up with them.) Its spring here in Hayden, Idaho. This means that the flowers and colors that make this town awesome are starting to sprout up. I thought this one was cool because of how the tree in the background was able to let some color in around the bud itself. The sky just highlights the image, and this causes it to pop out more.

budding tree limg

This is another tree that was budding, but a different type of tree. This one is cool because instead of a small little bud, this one is huge! Yet again the tree in the background let in some of that blue sky, and it highlighted my image pretty well!


This is a picture of a little glass vase that we have sitting on our back porch. This looks kinda weird at first, but when I got close to it with my macro it turned out pretty cool! With a dab of Photoshopping, this image turned out to be pretty cool!


This one is pretty simple, just a dandelion that had blown away and was regrowing in the gravel. My macro lens setting adjustment doesn’t get close like true macro lens, but it does let me get closer to them. This gets some extra detail into the picture, and I liked the look that the flower has with the grass and the gravel.

gem flowerd


Around our porch we have these fake flowers that look like they are made of gems. Its just colored glass, but up close you get some of the bubbles in the picture. It gives the picture some texture. It also has some natural framing going on in the picture,  with the rebar on the side of the flower.

Hornets nest

At the back of my house their is a forest. Walking around I found this hornets nest, and I thought that it looked pretty cool. I started to get closer until I realized that their was a ton of wasps inside just starting to wake up. That made me back off for a while. But otherwise I like the sun that is streaming in around the leaves. I think that adds a cool look to the picture.

little flowers

Some more of the macro photography, or at least my best attempt at it. The little buds look cool, and the detail that the macro lens gives me is just awesome! It really makes the pictures look cool and I plan on experimenting some more with them!


This is another one of the fake jewel flowers, except that this one is a butterfly. It looks cool with its wings, and the metal surrounding the “head” of the butterfly. I like the green background, and wish that I had covered the entire thing with it.

Ray of sunlight

This is just a cool picture of the forest around my house. I like the sunlight that goes through the tree leaves. It gives it a mysterious magical feeling. I didn’t enhance the photo much besides to up the contrast, and add some vibrance to the picture. Otherwise I think that its a pretty cool picture on its own!

shiny rock

This is a rock. A little boring on its own, but when I zoomed in on the picture, the spots on the rock were enhanced a lot more, which I liked! I thought that this photo was just pretty cool, because of the different layers of the photo. Their is the top layer, which is the pine needles on top of the rock. Then the middle layer, which is the white rock. Then their is the bottom layer, with the darker rocks, that are a lot smaller than the others. That gives it some good depth of field.


Thanks Giving!

For this assignment our goal was to just take pictures:) In some of my first posts, I said that I like free choice more than having an assignment. Im coming to realize that I don’t like that. I like the challenge of creating or taking pictures of stuff that I have never done before. When we do free choice I don’t challenge myself like I do when we have an actual assignment.  Anyways, I didn’t really have a major theme for this, but here was some pictures of deer that I think are really cool.

Some deer shots

Then the rest of my pictures were just some odds and end pictures that I took over my break.

black and white statue

This is a broken waterfall that we have in our front yard. For some odd reason the water in the fountain just drains out the back. But ANYWAYS, When I took the picture I thought about it being entirely black and white, but I realized that it probably be a boring shot. So to give it something to focus on, and some depth, I added the color back into the statue. Its not a brightly colored stone, and it almost blends into the background, but I think that its enough to tie the picture.

lone wolf tree

When I took this picture, I thought that there would be some more color to it. But no matter what I did, it just wouldn’t get some more colors into the picture. Maybe I didn’t do something right, but besides the fact, I thought this picture was kinda cool. Its a little boring, but there is still some definition to it. I liked the thought of the picture being isolated to the other trees. I don’t know…. this picture was really difficult to talk about.

Hummingbird feeder

This is  humming bird feeder. What inside is actually frozen nectar. What i thought was odd, was that it didn’t hid the inside like ice does, it froze with a opaque inside. It almost didn’t look frozen. I thought it was cool because of the extreme different color, and the way that whats on the outside and covered up by the actual feeder, is shown inside of the nectar. Its also pretty neat because its a really warped inside, with a bunch of patterns and cool little swirls inside the nectar.

white tree

This picture I thought was the best one in this post. When I had the picture, nothing was blurred. But I thought it would look cool to apply a gaussian blur, then bring the main picture back into focus. It had just gotten done snowing, so he edges of the plant were white and really sharp. I tried to use a poor mans macro on this, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture. Thats a technique that I’m going to try using more in the future. For those of you who don’t know what poor mans macro is, its a technique that is used for slr cameras. A macro lens is used to zoom in really close on an image, and still get it into focus. But those can cost thousands of dollars. A poor mans macro is simply taking your lens off, and turning it around, then holding it as close to the camera as you can. This is a good example of poor mans macro.


I think one of the items I am going togo out and buy  is a larger lens for my camera. The one I have is slightly better than a 50 mm, with it being at 55 mm. These deer were at the most fifty feet away from me, and this was about the maximum zoom I could get. But besides me complaining, these pictures were very difficult to get. I like photographing wildlife, but I have never before realized how difficult deer are to photograph. The second you get within ten feet of them, they are gone!



Most of the deer ran, but this one decided to be stubborn. Every time I got closer to take a picture most of the deer ran. That deer, ran towards me and started huffing. Being freaked out by the aggressive deer, I hung back to take this picture. I like it because of the other deers head sticking in the picture. I only noticed it when I was taking the picture, and I thought that it would be a nice surprise.