EOCA (Subject shoot)

This is my last part or my EOCA. HERE is a link to the assignment details, and HERE is a link to my inspiration. This guy is probably one of my favorite photographers. He specializes in trick shot photography. By trick shot I don’t mean something simple that looks cool. He does stuff that most people without photoshop couldn’t do with the best technology in the world. He takes the time to set up, and plan his shots well, and they turned out greater than a lot of the pictures I have seen of the same subject. He is just a cool photographer, and its really fun to try to recreate photos of his. For my theme, I choose high speed water splash photography. Here are my pictures-

Ocean blue

Some of the things that I had trouble with was the background. I don’t have a plain solid white or any color of a background and that would have made the picture even better. So what I did was find a white sheet and hang it up behind the photo hoping that it will work. Thats why the glass is a different color, Its the weird beige sheet that is covering the background. As you will see in  some of the backgrounds I painted over them with either a black or white, because I couldn’t decide on which was better. Blood red

Once the set up was done, it was pretty easygoing for the picture itself. All I did was take some plain water, and add some food die too it. Then as the water is falling into the cup or whatever it is used to take your picture, hold down the shutter. To capture the water as it falls on the sides you need a super fast shutter speed. And a high exposure, because the faster the shutter speed, the darker the picture will be without any help; For this one I used a 250 shutter speed, and a 3200 eso.

Forest Green

I like this photo because its different than the others because of its background being different than the other pictures. With the green I thought that the white would pop a bit with the green background. This one is a little disappointing in that regard, because it didn’t standout as much as I thought it would. But I’m glad I stuck with white, because with black, it would have been sooooo dark and wouldn’t have looked good. Some of the things that I had trouble with was the background itself. It was not folded properly, so their was a ton of wrinkles in the picture. Thats what made me decide to go over it with a brush, and make a background myself. I really like this picture because of the hundreds of waves inside of the glass.

Liquid Gold

This one is different from the rest of the pictures because of the way the glass was held. When I did it this way, the water mixed inside the glass in a blurred pattern, making it look like the gold was woven together in a pattern. Im not really certain why it blurred out so much, but all I know is that I liked the way that the picture ended up turning out. Instead of having the bad beige color in the picture, I selected the background through the color range tool, and just filled it with black. This caused a lot of the glass to disappear, and I think that it looks better for it. It makes the picture look like the gold colored water is floating on a small piece of glass, which is impossible. So in a way, this photograph is surrealism.


Part of what I did was change from colored water, to fruit. Part of the thing that makes fruit cooler to photograph than water, is the fact that the splash is bigger. Ideally this should have been done in a fish tank, with a large clear glass that would have shown the apple in detail. I didn’t have one, so I used a small clear vase that reflected the apple pretty well. Something that I am going to save up for is a steady tripod. I had some trouble with clicking on the shutter release and having the tripod shake a little. This didn’t cause the picture to blur, but it did get a corner of the wooden stand that I was using in the picture. Besides that though the picture turned out great in my opinion, and I contemplated adding some water coloring to the water, but at the time I guess it didn’t seem necessary. I now know that it would have been better to add some.


In these pictures you can really see how the shape of the object your dropping helps. The apple was big and round, whereas the strawberry was pointed at the end, and it showed in the splash. It was more of a “Ploop” rather than a “Plop”. But other than my amazing sound adjectives, the splash was a different shape. I honestly thought that the splash was going to turn out different, but I like how the splash curves up and to the top of the vase.



The lemon definitely had the best affect out of all the fruits. This one was my favorite. It created a vortex of water around the top of the lemon, and the wrinkles that are in the lemon came out super clear. Much more so than I had anticipated. I had to do some cropping on all of my pictures, because of my lack of studio space, the rest of the garage came out super cluttered. So I cropped it super close to hope that it was not to noticeable.

Large depth of field

This picture is my large depth of field picture. To get this picture I layer down into the middle of the street. I wanted to get super close to the asphalt so that you could see the depth of field. The asphalt fades out in the end of the picture, and the trees come into focus more. I took this picture later at night so around 8 when the sun was setting. That gave the trees a great color. potrait

This is the portrait that I took for the assignment. I honestly had trouble taking the picture because of the skin tone of my brother. He is kind of a pasty person, and it was getting darker so I had to get the ISO up a little bit more than normal on portraits. The picture ended up being a little rough. So I lowered the pictures clarity a little bit to get rid of the blurriness.


This is one of my slow-motion pictures. Part of the assignment was to get a picture of motion, a portrait, and a large depth of field. Part of the thing that I really like about the pictures the light on the asphalt. Its like the car wasn’t even moving because the light on the ground doesn’t follow the light beam thats going away from the car. In a way that makes it much better, because its not like a normal picture. What I really like to do for EOCA’s is to take pictures that I normally wouldn’t do. This is my attempt of making the EOCA less about testing, and more about photography. So doing trick photography like this, is just super fun for me. I really enjoy doing this kind of thing, and seeing the finished result being something that a normal picture couldn’t achieve. I think that this car is a good example. I would have preferred if the car had braked while doing this, because it would have brought red brake lights into the picture adding more color to the beam. But sadly the people on my hill don’t brake, ever. Well thats it for the post, until the next post, Seeya!


EOCA Subject Photography

Besides the portfolio, we had several tasks to accomplish. We were assigned a subject, and we were told to take ten good pictures of that subject. We were also given the choice to choose the subject, and mine that I chose was time lapse photography, or slow-motion photography. We were also assigned to take one picture with a  large depth of field. But for the slo motion photography assignment, THIS would be my source. This guy has amazing photos! I am seriously going to invest a lot of my time taking these kinds of photos, and I can not wait to try some more of them! Now here are my photos!-

Slow motion car

For my first photo, I went out to a street and sat on the edge of it with my camera and a tripod. Then I sat and just waited for cars to drive by! Word to the wise, make sure to stand far enough to the side that they won’t accidentally hit you when they go around corners. Apparently, people get mad when your out in the middle of the street. But I liked this picture because of the streams upon streams of lights are inside the single beams. Of course to take this picture, I had to have a slow shutter speed, of about 4 seconds.

Slow motion car 2

This picture is my favorite of the ones I took of cars. I brightened the inside of the beams more, and it gave it a cooler and deeper orange color. I also like how this car had the small little light on top of it, so it created a small little stream going off the top. I don’t really know why, but that just makes the picture too me. I would have liked to crop out the mail box that is sitting on the side, but I think that it would have made the picture too small to be a good picture.

light painting 1

This was my first attempt to Light Paint. Light painting is simply setting your camera to a shutter speed of 5 or more seconds. and then waving a bright light or glow stick around to make it leave a trail. When done correctly, you can have many cool patters made out of light. I think that the idea of light painting is just awesome, and I am glad that I chose this for my subject. To take this picture I took a small LED light and waved it around while the shutter slowly opened and closed. The part that makes this picture cool is how a car drove by while I was taking the picture. It created a cool red light going right through the middle of the picture. The only thing that I am going to do different next time I do this assignment, is limit the light that is shining on me. It made me stand out a lot more than I should have and made me stick out. Maybe having a longer shutter speed will fix that but for now this is a cool picture.

light painting 2

For this picture we used a phone screen, and changed the color to a blue. Because the phone isn’t as bright as the glow sticks, the lines were a lot fatter. But you also have to do slower movements with less light shining through. Your camera will have a harder time focusing, so it will make the background darker. That to me is more beneficial, because it makes your light painting stand out more. That is really the focus of this kind of photography. The surrounding area is cool and gives you a sense of seeing more in the picture. But the important part is having the light.

light painting 3

I was wearing a black sweatshirt when I took the picture, but I wondered if it would look cool with a different color in the picture. My brother was wearing a bright red sweatshirt, and I immediately thought that it would be cool! I basically just told him to go crazy, and go crazy he did. For some reason only the red hood he had on showed up in the picture. Not really certain. But the thing that makes this picture pretty neat is the fact that the lights look a little like Japanese letters. One of the things that would make this picture better is if I had closed the garage door! It would have shown less concrete and more colors!

light writing

For some odd reason, blue was the only really good color of light for this. We tried green, but it didn’t show up. But the thing I focused on was trying to write with the light. When done correctly, you should get neat flowing letters. Mine was none of those, but if you look closely, you will see a R and a Y the first letters of my name. I didn’t have a lot of room to take the picture, so I couldn’t do my full name. The problem I had when taking this picture was what to do when I finished what I was doing, and still had the shutter taking the picture. It was difficult to say the least when timing my picture to finish taking. Thats why their are a bunch of looping lines going around it. I just kept swinging even when I should not have.

steel wool 1

These pictures are my pride and joy. These were by far the coolest of my pictures. This is called steel wool photography, and it is super simple to do. All you need is a egg beater, some fine grade steel wool, a non flammable cord, and some copper wire (or any wire). Take your steel wool, and spread it apart until it is thin and see through. Then fold it gently into the egg beater. You must spread it out inside or you will not get very effective sparks. DO NOT FORGET SAFTEY CLOTHING! Sparks hurt when they land on bare skin, especially when you are slinging them around the danger is real of coming away with burns! The first time I did this I didn’t wear a hat, about twenty sparks landed in my hair and it hurt. Wear a hat, gloves, long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, long pants, closed toe shoes and some glasses! Sparks hurt don’t forget that.

steel wool 2

After you fold them into the egg beater, all you have to do is set your shutter speed to a number around 15-30 seconds. Then make sure to wrap your wire around the egg beater as tight as humanly possible. The reason why is because without the wire, their is nothing preventing the steel wool from flying out. You can actually see that happen in this picture, with the little flare of light going out to the side. The first time this happened it went straight up and landed on my head. Thankfully I was wearing a hat or that could have been bad. The faster you swing, the smaller sparks you will have, but with more volume. The smaller you swing the larger fatter the sparks will be, with less volume. To each and their own, but I prefer swinging faster to get more sparks.

steel wool 3

This is one of my favorite pictures. This one I actually believed was a screw up when I started. I was standing to far to the left, and wasn’t in the center of the photo like I believed. But it ended up looking cool, especially with the car driving by. The red light through the middle was super cool and really beneficial! I also lost control of the string a little bit, but instead of ruining it, it gave it some more definition. It wasn’t so uniform, which I for one, loved! I for one hate it when a picture is to uniform, and perfect in balance. I can see the uses, but I believe that the world is so random, pictures should match it.

And I’m super sorry Twitchell for not having this posted! I can’t figure out why it would not work, but I have it posted and I’m super sorry for the inconvenience!