Anti Bullying Campaign

Our school has become heavily involved in stomping out bullying. So for our photography class, our objective was to create two posters. One is an anti bullying, the other are things to be positive. I tried to stay simple with what I was doing, because to get too over detailed I think would fail to catch attention. Well here is my anti bullying picture-

Final Bullying Poster


I like the quote from Macklemore at the top of the poster. People at our school will see the name out of the corner of their eye, and then will immediately become interested in what it says. Having a random persons quote up on the poster wouldn’t be as effective. The inspiration that I got was from HERE. They don’t really look a lot like my posters, but the ideas that they have gave me some of my own. I especially like the one with the hand of hateful words choking the child. That is truly good work. For the other poster that we had to do, it was supposed to be inspirational. More uplifting than a serious message. Here it is-

Positive bullying Positive

On this one I went for the same idea of being simple. I got some high resolution texture layers from my teacher and created the background. Once I got done with that, I couldn’t figure out what else the poster needed. The words alone were not as inspiring. So I thought of the “helping hand”. A hand reaching out for somebody is a big symbol of just being kind. I think that boosts the image into the direction of being positive. Thats it for this one!