EOCA Second Semester (Portfolio)

Its the time of year for testing again, and with it comes new pictures, and new ideas. For this testing period, our goal is to get 10 of our personally best photos, and make a portfolio about them. A lot of the pictures that I took were from when I was in Las Vegas. Las Vegas besides being the city of sin, also has a lot of art, from a lot of different time periods. While we were their the city was celebrating Chinese new year, so a lot of the pictures that I took were Chinese themed. Well, here are the pictures!

steel wool

This is still one of my top pictures. Im not going to rate them one to ten, because I doubt I could. But if I was forced too, this one would be at the top.  It wasn’t so much taking the picture, it was the setup that was fun. That and slinging fire everywhere was pretty cool! But I like this picture because it isn’t a static background. There is a little motion blur because I shifted a little when moving the wool, but otherwise it was good. If I were to try this again, I would choose a solid length of wire to sling it around, instead of a elastic band. It would have a solid line instead of one that shifted. But for the rest of the photo, I like the solid band of light going out from it, it breaks it up. It also has a little bit of depth of field, because of the crisscrossing lines. All in all, this is one of my favs.


This is a Sphinx. While in vegas, I spent a lot of time looking at the artwork. This statue I think is awesome. I really like this picture because of the background behind the statue. I like the escalators with the squarish diamond pattern going on. It gives the picture a depth, and something else to draw your eye to it. If I could change anything in this picture, It would definitely be getting rid of the person. All the other pictures I took though were not from a great angle, so I chose the lesser of two evils. Otherwise I like the light pattern on the chest of the statue, and overall this picture is fun!

night paris 1

Paris! This is little Paris in Las Vegas, and they have a replica of the eiffel tower that people can take an elevator to the top. At night this is one of the most standout features of the city to me personally. You don’t see a lot of stars in Vegas, so the sky is completely black. It makes a wonderful backdrop to the pictures that I took during nighttime. My favorite thing about this picture is how the light highlights all the details of the building itself in the lower support legs. That and the black is so seamless, its just the perfect backdrop.


This is Poseidon in little paris. Inside of the hotels that make up little paris, the roof is painted a beautiful mixture of blues and purple to make an extremely lifelike sky. I really like this picture because of the lights, and the light balance. The soft purple light just gives the picture more detail, and the statues were just amazing. The detail that was put into them is awe inspiring for me, and I loved to photograph this area of town.

flower ceiling

In Caesars palace, the ceiling changed dramatically many times, but this one was my favorite. All the different colors in the picture dragged the eye to them, and made it just amazing. I enhanced the exposure, dragged up the vibrance, and used the burn tool around the edges. Then I brightened up the middle, giving it a small vignette around the edges. I also liked the backlight that they had on the flowers to illuminate them. The ceiling was also not static, it rolled up and down like hills, and you can see that in the picture. The top and the bottom of the picture shows that a little, giving it some texture.

moving statues

While in Vegas, one of the attractions was moving and talking statues. This statue is of Caesar, and I kinda forgot who the other person was. The thing I like about this picture the most is the red light shining down from the bottom. I don’t really understand why I like that so much, but I just find it fun to look at. I also like the expressions that the statues face was frozen in. I was shocked at how high of a shutter speed that I was able to use while taking pictures their. If I had gone any lower, then the picture would have been blurred from little movements ’cause I didn’t have a tripod with me.

mountain of horses

It was the year of the horse for the Chinese New Year. So a lot of the decorations were horse and Chinese themed. This was by far the most impressive decoration. It was a rotating mountain with rearing horses. That is pretty hard to do I’m guessing, and I appreciate that. I like the picture because of the center piece in the middle. I like the color scheme that goes with the picture, and the glass roofing on the top of the picture. The rest of the hotel is fading into the picture through the windows, and that shows a lot more about the picture I think. I also like the way that the balloons pop out of the picture, that gives it something more to draw the eye too, besides colorful horses. This picture just has a lot of random bright spots of red, which look good in the picture, but also draw the eye to it with little to no enhancing.


I like this picture because of the depth of field. Its a really small depth of field, but I think that the natural framing and the background are helpful to make this picture good. I like the picture colors too. To get this high in colors, I bumped up the saturation and the vibrance. Usually my general rule of thumb is not to over edit my pictures. My belief is that if I reach that point, then its not my work. Its a computers work.

Ryan Kerr

This would definitely be at the top of my list for great pictures. In the background of the statue pegasus, you can see a statue of Zeus, and the staff he carries. The reason that I like this picture is because of how the horse seems to be jumping out of the rock towards you. That to me is just super cool, and enhances the picture. The only real editing I did was to turn up the vibrance, to get the sky nice and purple color that made the white rock stand out even more. I really like the detail that went into the making of this statue, and overall, I really enjoy this picture

diamong horse

The reason I like this picture is because of the combination of the horse, and the illuminated floral roof. This one had more editing involved in it than I thought was right, but it ended up looking really good in my opinion. I really like the way that the light shines down on the horse. That illuminates the bright little shoes that the horse is made of. From what I could tell the horse was made of bright stones that were cut into little squares and then put on, and it was huge! That would have been a lot of work. But I also like the shadows that are among the lights, they also work to highlights in the picture. One thing that I learned about vegas is the way everything seems to be highlighted, or framed to make it pop out. It works! Well that is my first of my last posts, here is my other one.



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