Spring Break

Spring break has come and gone, and with it is photography. I went to Yakima, Washington to visit my dad for half of spring break. He lives in an apartment complex with a large pond. In this pond are tons of ducks, and geese. It was really cool being able to use a fast shutter speed to capture flight or water motions without having a ton of blur. HERE is basically an example of what I was trying to capture.

Flying Ducks

The one major thing I would change in this picture would be the angle of the shot. I managed to get the house in super crooked, and it would look a ton better with it straightened. I used the ruler tool in photoshop, but it left it with too little space to effectively crop it out well. Other wise I really like the colors and the look of the ducks.

black and white duck

This duck isn’t flying, but its posture looked kinda mysterious ( at least for a duck ). The one major thing I would change in this picture would be its friends head. It kept popping up in the picture. Even with the duck mostly standing still, I had to use a really fast shutter speed because it kept moving and shifting its body a little bit.

more ducks......

The one major thing that I like about this picture is the water ripples. They turn the picture from a flat motionless picture, to something with texture and maybe even a little depth. I also like that the ducks were in the middle of quacking at each other, so its shown with their mouths open.

goose 2

Moving away from the plentiful ducks, are the geese. GEESE ARE NOT FRIENDLY! THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE NEAR YOU, BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU, OR SEE YOU. All jokes aside, they are mean birds. somehow they have developed the ability to hiss, which is super creepy. But they are also relatively cool looking, and they have a habit of standing still, which is great for photographing. I like the different colored trees that are in the background, they give the picture a lot more vibrancy that just a plain gravel and green tree background.


I considered making the photo black and white, but I thought that it should have some color in it too. I like the idea of isolation that the image brings out. I also like the way that the ripples move outwards, and how the water seems to change texture directly at the goose.



I am super lucky that my dad lives in a complex that has enough money to plant some colorful trees! I like this picture because of its depth of field. You have the one picture in the foreground that is blurred out, then in the background between the two branches is a focused third picture. Whats funny is that when I was taking the picture I was hoping for the exact opposite effect. But this ended up looking a lot better!



This is another one of my black and white photos. I changed it to a black and white because it adds a little bit of mystery to the photo (and it had no colors in the first place). The reelections in the water are also enhanced with the black and white.

more shrubbery!

When I looked at this photo I did not see a ton of potential in it. But when I was getting a little bored editing, for fun I enhanced the vibrance all the way. A lot of colors that you couldn’t see before were suddenly popping up everywhere! the grass in particular became a ton of different colors. It was pretty cool to see.

rushing river

This one is another one that I added a ton of vibrance into. The grass, the bushes and the sky were a ton of the objects that were enhanced by this. Lowering the contrast also brought out the clouds. I liked how sunny it was because I was able to get the water without it causing a ton of motion blur. wineyard

This is a vineyard that was at the top of the hike that we went on. I really like the clouds and the mountains that were in the background. It gives it a large depth of field. Thats it for this post, seeya all next one!


One thought on “Spring Break

  1. Nice blog post/.
    Great variety of color and black and white. Great to see including a link to inspiration, be sure to discuss it about what you are getting from it.
    Nice write ups to go with each image.
    Nice post.

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