For this post, we were given the task of recreating Hadouken! Hadouken is an old street fighter type of game that involves a lot of energy balls and that stuff . THIS is an example of hadouken. For this one I did four types of Hadouken, Vadering, Fist of god, Energy fight, and just plain old punching! These are my photos-

bleached haduken

This one is my first attempt of hadouken. It came out a little bleached, so I played into that and upped some of the color schemes to get a really bright setting. Its just a simple kind of punch, with not much on it. Didn’t really do a ton of editing on this one besides the color scheme.


The theme that I was going for in this one was the movie 300. In the movie the spartan king kicks the persian messenger backwards into a pit, but because I didn’t have a spartan king, or a persian messenger, I settled of my two friends! I also changed the background into an apocalyptic them, something to make it more dramatic.

Lightning bolt

This was my first attempt at manipulating energy. I got a picture of a lighting bolt online, then I used the warp tool and the free transform tool to stretch it and mold it across. The kid with the hat had his hands in a perfect position for this, and I thought it was very fun. I plan on doing it more in the future!

bleached haduken

This is the bleached hadouken photo with some special affects added into it! I lowered the colors, and I surrounded his punching fist with fire, to give it a little more fantasy.

Fist of god punch

This is an example of the fist of god hadouken style. I put the force field around him, and I added the ripples into the ground. Other wise this was mostly just timing the photo right to get the desired actions! I mostly just edited the color scheme.

kaleb vadering

If any of you out their have seen star wars, Then this will look familiar! This style of photography is modeled after Darth Vader choking the life out of somebody with the force. This is one of the other ones that I changed the background on, Because I think it just needed a little something extra! I think that the background matches with the rest of the picture perfectly.

Hadouken is something that everybody can do, it just requires a ton of patience, and a lot of timing! Synchronization is key! Thats it for this post see you all next post!


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