The theme for this post is levitation! This one is a pretty cool topic, and can done many ways. I have found several other websites that either offer good tutorials, or have some great examples! HERE HERE HERE and HERE. A lot more than I usually do, but they are really great examples! Now for my photos-

Levitating attemp 1

This was my first attempt by myself.I basically went to m kitchen (the best lighting in my house) and set a self timer and ran around holding up some objects. The reason why I picked this picture is because of the hand towel. In the granite behind it, its reflection is there, kinda helping prove its validity that it was indeed levitating. I probably could have gone bigger though, and with more objects than those two and the shoes. But its also really important to keep your camera in one spot when taking these pictures. Its a pain to try to match up the masked layers and get everything looking right.

Levitation 2


One of our other goals was to use studio lights to get a levitation shot too. I didn’t really like this part of the assignment because it was difficult to get the image of him floating, while staying on the backdrop. As you can see, his hands and his foot are a little cut off, he was at the end of the backdrop. Next time I think I am going to be doing more outdoor shoots. Especially with our next subject being a fictitious fight scene! That’s it for this post, until next post!



One thought on “Levitation!

  1. Studio shot- having the foot cut off does not lead the viewer to think levitation, as we have no idea what the foot is on.
    The kitchen one is really cool. lots floating around. TO take the post to the next level, include the original images that you used as well, show the people the process.

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