Fun Shooting!

For this assignment we were just told to go out and try something different. To get away from the same type of pictures that we normally take. So I chose to do studio lighting. I have never taken that many studio pictures, so I thought that it would be really fun. So when I was asked to take pictures at a family reunion, I thought it was a perfect timing. I didn’t really have any inspiration on this one besides what our teacher taught us about studio lighting on friday. I took those ideas to heart when taking these pictures, so thats really it! Here are my pictures.


For the sake of discretion, I will not give out any names. I took over 300 photos, and it was difficult to pick a manageable number to post. For this post I decided to have ten. My photography teacher let me use a studio light and a backdrop for this reunion, and I basically just set the light up directly behind me and up as high as I could get it. This way was the best choice, because it eliminated shadows on the subjects faces.


The people their thought it would be fun to have some funny little props with them. I wholeheartedly supported that idea. It also kept some of the smaller kids from running around and tripping on the man cords that I had running around the area! A lot of the families got really into the idea, and many were even crazier than the ones here!


This is one of the simple portraits that I took. I like this one a lot because of the fact that its simple. So many portraits that I see now are heavily photoshopped, and full of lights and distractions. I think that simple portraits are a ton better than those ones.


This is another one of the joking ones. These are the parents of the parents for the family reunion, and they were by far the happiest to be having fun! But dang were they difficult to get set up. If it weren’t for the guy in the green, I may never have done it! They were probably my favorite to photograph.


As the day went on, more and more people kept trying to shove themselves into the picture. At one point I was asked if it would be at all possible to get everyone who was at the place, into the picture. 105 people were supposed to be in the picture. I had to tell them no several times… They didn’t understand that a 10 foot wide backdrop was not enough room for that many people. But otherwise, this family was really good about posing! They were all super nice and they were a joy to photograph.


This is a picture of the shop teacher here at CHS with his sister, grandma, and his two kids. The kids are normally smiling all the time, but for some odd reason, they decided to be sad! It took a while for me to get them smiling again. For this picture, I had to crop a lot out actually. I guess I backed up a lot, but I had a lot of the room in the picture besides the actual backdrop.


These were the Mothers and Fathers of the group. I liked this portrait because of the blinding green shirt in the picture. Originally, it made the picture over exposed, and too bright. But once adjusted, I think that it looked pretty good! For most of the pictures that I take, Over 50% of the work that I do is through camera raw. The rest of the work is small slight retouches. I have never been a fan of adding layer upon layer to a single portrait.


This is the entire family! The grandma through the granddaughters. I chose this picture because they really did an amazing job lining themselves up. Im not a very loud person by nature, and I don’t like to give orders to people. Thats why I find this picture cool, it was just random. They didn’t even have to do anything, they just all positioned themselves like this.


This is probably one of my favorite photos. There are four things that I really like about this picture. 1) The person on the left has super awesome sunglasses. 2) The person on the rights shirt goes with the backdrop perfectly. 3) They are in the direct middle of the picture, leaving an appropriate amount of space on each side of them. 4) They were not standoffish. They were fine with standing close together unlike most of their family. I had to physically move somebody next to another, cause they kept inching off to the side while I was taking the picture.


For my final image (Drumroll) I have the birthday girl with her two kids. In case you couldn’t tell, she is right in the middle of them. A lot of portrait shots can be considered awkward with the positioning of people according to height. Like THIS photo here. If you position somebody with a lot more height than the person next to them, it diminishes the value of the shorter person. This family are all generally the same height. Well thats all for this blog post, as always I try to post every friday.