For this post the idea was to create surrealism. Surrealism is something that you just can’t take a picture of and call it done. You have to use a lot of layer masks to bring other images in, other wise it just doesn’t work well. Im going to be the first to admit, I’m not very good at this type of photography. I have a lot of difficulty picturing what I want to happen in a picture. I can take the pictures, they are usually just the wrong type of picture or the idea. Here are some ideas of surrealism, ( I didn’t use any of the ideas except for one. but they are all still great examples or surrealism.)

This website is really cool because it even gives you tutorials to do these actual pictures. Some of them are pretty difficult, but for those of you who use photoshop, they are a lot of fun. When I have free time I make these at home, and they do really look amazing when done. They even give links and downloads of the actual picture they used.

This is one such link, its lengthy, but its really cool.

Cracked horse final

This is the first picture I did. The theme I was going of twas futuristic spacey and galaxy. But I couldn’t decide which one to do, so I incorporated both. When I was editing I thought it was pretty cool, but now that I look at it, the combining doesn’t look very good. But in my stupidity, I only saved it as a jpeg, so I couldn’t go back and fix it. I got the cracks along the horses side and head from a photoshop brush, and I like the way they look. They might be border lining on being too bright, but I think that they add to the whole idea of surrealism The horse itself I got from a spokane Chinese restaurant. Its called P.F. Changs. Every time I go there, I remember thinking that the horse would look cool in a picture, but I always forget my camera. This time I was lucky and had it on me when we went after school. I like the idea of the picture, but next time I am going to decide on one or the other background theme next time. Here are the layers I used to create this. Notice how almost every layer except for the background has a layer mask-

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.00.12 AM

Layer masks are one of the most important tool I think that is in photoshop. Its one of the essences in photoshop. Bringing a picture into a picture then getting that picture isolated in yours, is just cool. That is what surrealism is, making something from one picture, and changing it into something else.

fire and water

Recognize this picture? This is a studio light portrait I took of my friend Jacob. I was looking through my pictures, and saw this one pose that just stood out to me. Looking through the tutorials on the top, I decided to try that method out. But instead of warp, my teacher suggested that I use the tool puppet warp. Im not certain I liked it more than using the warp tool. It gave it a lot of sharp angles that didn’t look like the water and the fire were flowing around him correctly. But the whole idea is still there! I think that I’m going to try it again, but this time use the stock images that he provides in the tutorial.

tutorial on whtie tree

This tree is from a tutorial I got from that cool website. THIS is a link to the actual tutorial , its such a cool website really. You get a lot of awesome and cool tutorial videos form the actual site.


Fall colors

For this post, we were given the assignment to photograph fall colors. Here in North Idaho, we get some just amazing colors in our trees. I went to our local golf course, Avondale, and went around to some of the edges of the driving range. They have these bright yellow trees as you can see in the pictures, which I thought would look great in a photo. Here is a great website I found with just some stunning fall pictures in my opinion-

This website has some really cool designs and effects that I really want to try, they just look awesome!

fall colors

This is a shot of hole number one. The angle I got on this one was from the street, which is right next to the course. I like this picture because of the way the yellow trees shine through. I wish I had gotten some clouds in the picture though,because it leaves a large white space in the tree line. It would have been better to have filled that up some more.

fall colors 2

In this picture I was still at hole one, but I moved closer to the clubhouse. This image had the same white blank spot in between the trees, but I was able to fill it in with clouds. All I really had to do was adjust the contrast. I also adjusted the exposure and the whites and blacks, to create a bright yet dark image if that makes any sense!

fall colors 1

Yet again this is hole one, but this picture was a little dangerous to take. I had to actually step onto the course to get, but when I stepped on, i wasn’t paying attention to the person who was teeing off. Suffice to say, I almost got a concussion, and the golfer was very mad. This picture is almost the same as the last one, but instead of zooming in on the trees, I stepped much closer. I liked the clouds I was able to get in the image, they revealed a really blue sky, which I brightened a little in adobe photoshop.

fall berries

This images main focus was the berries. I found a bright tree with a bunch of them on,the only problem was I wasn’t paying much attention, and I only got the tree leaves in focus, not the berries. Otherwise I think that this picture would have been pretty cool. I liked the sky that you can see in the background behind the leaves and the tree. Its almost white, and some blue would have been better, but it gives it something else besides the tree and the berries.

Fall colors lake

This is a picture of Avondale pond, and I chose this picture because of the leaves that are in the pond. I liked the water reflecting the sky behind you, showing the trees. I also liked the green foliage on the side of the picture down by the right corner. The green color is pretty cool, and with the lily pads grouped together in the left corner, its a small small sense of natural framing. A very small sense, but I think that it frame well.

Fall colors3

I would have liked to have had a white or blue sky, but beggars can’t be choosers, and the day I went out to take some pictures, was a pretty crappy day out. I was constantly swiping my lens clean, and trying to get a dry picture. I think I waited to long for this, because the leaves were falling off like crazy. When I go again, I’m really going to be working as fast as I can, because the leaves are falling off like crazy.

fall berries1

This is another take of the berries. With all the yellow leaves on top, it gives the picture a nice background. I liked the water that is forming on the berries themselves. I had to up the exposure a bunch with this picture, and it may have made it a little grainy, but otherwise I like this picture a lot. Yet again I had problems keeping my camera dry especially at this angle, being down under the tree and the bush with berries on it. Im thinking that maybe if I was to hold something over the camera like an umbrella, but keep it out of the picture, would work well.

Free choice!

For this assignment, we were given the choice to use whatever we wanted to do. I really like this subject because it gives you the chance to branch out and find out what you like to photograph. This time I chose to try flash photography. I waited until it was dark, then I went out and started using the flash on my camera. It took me a while to get the setting right, but when I did the picture came out right.

Here is a link to some animal portraits I liked, I really liked the work this photographer did. Its some really cool pictures, some of them border lining surrealism-

Here are some of the pictures I used-


This is a picture of my dog Boomer. He is a lazy dog, the perfect use for taking pictures of him. He mostly just lies on the floor, but I still liked the shots that I managed to get. I couldn’t figure out how to get his eyeball to look less orange. It gave him a sickly look that I didn’t like. I thought maybe to paint over it with white then lower the opacity to cover it. But when I did it, it didn’t turn out very well. If anybody knows of a different way, please please please let me know, because thats been my general strategy, and its not working very well.

Boomer Portrait

I like this photo because it shows him looking off to the right, it gives you a sense of wondering what he is looking at. I think that next time I do this I need to maybe clone the carpet he is sitting on out of the picture. It kind of breaks it up, it would have looked better if it was even floor.


I went a little overboard on the burn tool on this one. The color of the floor is completely changed, and the background is a little to dark for my taste. I did the same thing as I did on the last picture. I could not get his eyes to look a healthy white. I really need to figure out how to do that, because thats a problem in a lot of my pictures.

flash photography

These are the photos I used flash for. I waited until it was nearly dark out, then I went out and took some pictures using flash. I think I’m going to experiment more on this one in the future because I believe that it has potential.

flash photography 2

This is another flash, I really like the american star in the background. Its sharp enough that it stands out. The red humming bird reader in the middle of the image, is empty. If it had been full, The flash would have reflected a bunch throughout the colors. I think that would have been cool!


Another picture of boomer, I like the angle I was able to get. I think I should have used a spot healing brush on his face. He has a small little crescent that goes along his eye. I can’t really tell if I like it or not but it probably should have gone.

moose portrait3

This dog, is a trouble maker. Whenever I tried to get a picture of boomer, this one decided he needed to be on the picture. I ended up taking much more pictures than I needed to, just with some without him. You will notice that he looks much different than he does in other pictures, thats because he went to the groomer and got his hair cut.


When he wasn’t running around running my photos, Moose actually sat still long enough to get some decent pictures of him.


To get him to stay in the well lit area that is my kitchen i had to tie him to the stove with his leash. It would have been nice to have him without the leash, but he kept running off. I like the angles I got with him, because his hair covers his eyes. That gives it a kinda mysterious look.