Photographing Idioms!

For this assignment, we were given the chance to photograph some idioms. For those of you who dont know what an idiom is, here are some examples of some-

And here is a website I got some of my inspiration from-

This site shows a ton of cool idioms, and I chose from this site when taking my pictures. I thought this one was cool because a lot of the idioms aren’t stuff you can get in one picture. Your going to have to use mask tools and bring other images into one. I thought that they were great photos, and wished that i had the recourses to do the same thing.

Here are my pictures-

Lost your head

This one is the idiom “lost your head”. I took this in the literal sense, not its actual definition. What it really means is to lose control of your emotions. I made a couple small mistakes, like when I was editing his head out. The carpet got blurred wrong when I made the image disappear. I also would have liked to have made his head more three dimensional. It looks relatively flat and out of place. Also the lighting in my moms office is really orange. But when  I tried to correct it, it messed with the rest of the picture, which is good. So I decided to leave it alone.
Having an axe to grind

For this picture I chose the quote, ” Having an axe to grind.” What this means is that you are angry with somebody. The little iron bar on the axe is a tool sharpener, which is what you would use to “grind” and axe. I think that it would have been better if I had used a more iconic sharpener. But I worked with what I had, and this is what I came up with. I took this picture hoping for a bright well lit photo. But it ended up being darker than I wish it would have been. But I like the way that the axe head kind of shines, it gives a person something to focus on.

Rule of thumb

This picture is of the idiom ” Rule of thumb.” What this quote means is a rough estimate. An example being ” As a rule of thumb, we move stuff inside most hurricanes.” A weird sentence yes, but I think that it gets my point across. In my living room we have a light on the ceiling that creates cool shadows across the ceiling. I tried to get a good photo with the lights but it was a lot more difficult to do when holding a ruler with one hand, and holding the camera in my other hand! I should have used a tripod with a self timer, I probably could have gotten a better picture.

Hit the books


For this picture I chose the quote ” Hit the books.” What it really means is to get studying, or to get to work. I chose the idea of hitting the book. It was kind of hard to do, because the book I chose, Mudgie and Milly. A lot of my pictures I got motion blur, because I was swinging the book. But I finally got the right settings, to get the picture without a ton of motion blur.

knock on wood


For this picture I chose the idiom “Knock on wood.” What it means is you knuckle tap wood to avoid bad luck. This one there wasn’t really an ironic way to photograph this, so I took a photo of me “knocking on wood!” Nothing really to say about this one, but I think that it would have been better to have used my door maybe, or something other than a wooden table.


Studio Lighting!

This week we were given the chance to work with our schools light studio! These are some of the pictures I got from it!

studio light

When I asked my friends if anybody wanted to help me out with this photography assignment, I wasn’t surprised when my friend Jacob said he would on one condition. He wanted to dress up and involve some shades, a leather jacket, and a pipe! I thought that it would be fun, much more so than some boring poses staring straight into the camera!


I really liked the turnout on all my pictures! These are some of my better portrait shots!

last studio light

I actually had him scoot forward more on this picture Just so that I could include some of the other items in the picture. I liked this more than just having a plain white background.

stuido lighting 3

One of the main problems I had when taking these photos was to get him to stop moving his hands around! I felt bad because he didn’t really know what to do with them, but he was also making it extremely difficult to get his photos done. So I waited for him to pause then took the picture. That gave his hands some weird positions!

studio lighting 2

I like this photo because of how Jacob had his head turned at the moment I took the picture! it gives it a sense of mystery to what he is looking at, and it plays well with the glasses. How they are dark, then the right side of his face is light, I really liked how this one turned out!

Using the Light Box!

Hello everybody! for this post we were tasked with creating our own inexpensive light box! Our Teacher Mr. Twitchell gave us this link for the instructions for how to make one, here it is-

And this is a link to some of the better light box images in my opinion-

Now here is my lightbox….


Here you have the neccesary supplies to making your own light box. I used white tissue paper, scissors, a ruler, tape, a cardboard box, white poster board, and a razor blade.


Using the razor blade cut squares into your box, about a rulers width apart from the edge.


You then take tissue paper and cut it to fit over the holes. once you secure it on, lay the poster board inside of the box, and out the front. This will create a white background. Then you take two lamps, and put them on the side of the box. This will make a soft white light that will slowly be filtered onto your image, because of the tissue paper. Now here are some of my images!

fortune cookie

This is a fortune cookie we got from panda express. To be honest it got put into this blog  y accident! When I was taking these pictures, I was eating some dinner. This fell into my box, and looking at it for a second, I realized that it looked like a good picture! So I unwrapped it and ended up with this!

friendly ghost

This is a Halloween decoration my mom has. I thought since it is the month of october, I would try to put some spirit into my posts! I like this picture because of the pumpkin. It breaks up the picture a lot, turning it from a white background with a white ghost, to a bright and vibrant image.


Another decoration! The reason why I am using such small little things is because I used a smaller box. What you use for this picture is whats able to fit in the box. Remember that if you are ever making your own box. For this picture I like how the shadow of the moose is pointing away from it. It makes it look like the sun is right behind it. Which is actually kinda weird since I had two light sources on it? I don’t think that there should be a shadow that big, but I’m fine with it!

happiness candle

This is an ornamental candle that my mom has. I think that this picture would have been better if I had zoomed in just a little bit more. It would have gotten rid of the cardboard sticking out on the left side. And I probably should have flattened out the paper again in the back.


This is a photo of my wallet. I think that the black leather is really cool, so I thought it would look good with the white box. I enhanced the swiss gear symbol, but other wise I left the picture how it turned out. I think it just looks good, and am going to try to get some more pictures of it.

lightbox ghost


This is a cool little ornamental ghost my family has. When its actually working, it lights up in a cool way. But with the lamps on either side of it, it gives it a cool look !



This is a picture that I liked because of the orange colorings in it. I also like the angle I was able to get, without having the cardboard in the picture too.

cork reindeer


A couple of years ago, my mom decided to get into saving wine corks. After she saved a bunch she would make cork items. This is one of those, a cork reindeer!

ghotsly pumpkin


This is a cool candle that we have. When I went around my house lighting candles, I thought of the idea of using the bottom part for a picture. It ended up looking really cool!


I liked this picture because I was able to get a new angle on it besides just straight on. It actually looked better this way, because it wasn’t focusing without me turning it this way!

Cool colored pumpkin


This one was an alright picture I guess. It wasn’t as focused as I would have liked it to be, but I think that the color schemes that I managed to get into the picture make up for it in a way.


Film Noir Attempt

Hello everybody! For this assignment our goal was to copy some film Noir techniques, and try our hand at them. This is a link of some good Film noir-


When I got this assignment I was very confused, its was a very broad subject. So I decided to look up some on google. The results I got were very differential. Most of them involved using a persons shadows, and guns, very secret agent. My results to copy this were…. not as I wanted them to be. In this photo I tried to get it from the point of view from the person shooting. The unlucky participant was my brother, who I want to thank for putting up with me bossing him around. I included a before and after picture in here, one of it just black and white, the other one with me doing some enhancements on photoshop. This is the enhanced photo.

Lighter version

This photo was one of my favorite ones, it involves a little bit of mystery. The reason why is because you cant tell what he is looking at. Maybe this is me being just a little gun happy;) but I would have liked to get maybe somebody holding something over his head, or maybe some intentional harm.  I also think it would have looked better with some old fashioned clothes on,but i worked with what I had. But all in all i liked this picture a lot! I really liked the american flag that is hanging out in the left. That also gives it the sense of wondering where the person could be. I thought about getting rid of the stuff in the bottom right corner, but i decided that it gave it some more character.

Stanger being shot

I liked this picture a lot too. One reason is just because I know what some of the clothes he is wearing involved. His hat is a big goofy neon purple monstrosity, but with all the color saturated, you cant tell. But I also liked this photo because of the hallway. It gives off the sense of it being a tunnel, but its not! I didn’t have any tunnels that I could use, so I used my hallway. My house has really crappy lighting, so when I take photos inside I’m doing everything in my power to bring in extra light. I take this lamp around, and unfold it behind me to take even pictures in my house. But in this case it turned out really well, with the ceiling light above my head it reminds me of a street light. I dimmed the light a little to give it the appearance of it being foggy, but really I just ended up making the entire photo look dark and depressing.

Travis, held at gunpoint

This is the comparison photo from above. This is the photo that I did nothing too.

Scavenger Hunt

For the theme care I chose my dog Moose. He is a small little guy, and about as smart as a plant. But I love him a lot, so I decided to use him for this part. I liked the shadows I was able to get, with the wall, and the red covers. It broke up a lot of the image from just being the plain colors. I also liked how I was FINALLY able to get a crisp and sharp image, with a lower light source. That has been my goal for a long time, so that was just an awesome feeling when I was finally able to accomplish it.


I chose the library as my theme for happiness. For those of you who know me, I really like to read. A lot, so much so, that the library feels like a second home to me. That being said, I struggled on taking this picture. I kept getting a lot of motion blur, and I could not fix it. So I used camera raw, and tried bumping up the color scheme to a point where you didn’t notice it. But that made the picture into a weird set of colors and just really orange. I didn’t really like this picture as much as all the others I could have taken.

Ladybug emotion '

I decided to use the ladybug rock as my example for emotion. The reason being, it doesn’t have any. It has its two eyes but thats it. I thought that would be a cool and kinda funny twist to the subject. I also liked how its eyes stand out, I think that it breaks up the picture, from the solid bricks in the back to the red color of the lady bug. I liked the color scheme I got from it too. The reds got enhanced a lot, bringing in some more color in the bricks, and the lady bug. All in all, I really liked this picture.

I chose the american flag as my subject for sorrow. When you think back to what the symbol of the flag has been through, it just makes you sad. The revolutionary war, the civil war, Vietnam, all these places there was an American flag there. At all these places their was death involved, and lots of it. Seeing the flag is kind of a proud sorrow, because it was also a place where people fought for their rights, or other peoples rights.  I really liked the clouds I got in the picture. I also really liked how the flag was see-through and you can see the blue sky.

I chose the american flag as my subject for sorrow. When you think back to what the symbol of the flag has been through, it just makes you sad. The revolutionary war, the civil war, Vietnam, all these places there was an American flag there. At all these places their was death involved, and lots of it. Seeing the flag is kind of a proud sorrow, because it was also a place where people fought for their rights, or other peoples rights. I really liked the clouds I got in the picture. I also really liked how the flag was see-through and you can see the blue sky.


For the theme unique, I chose this sculpture that we have in our front yard. Its some weird thing we got from an art fair a couple years ago. I think that this fit the category fairly accurately. I really liked the different colors I was able to get. For such a dull colorless picture, I liked all the amounts of color that got put into it. I also liked how I was able to get the depth of the picture right. The background fades nicely, and the subject is standing out clearly. That is something that I had been having a lot of trouble with.