Free choice!

Lounging cat

I was at my friends house when I noticed that his cat had a really cool eye color with the lighting that he had in his basement. I have never found it so hard to get a steady picture! The cat moved around constantly, and I don’t have a huge patience. I have a hard time getting a proper picture for lighting. My camera is very sensitive when you adjust the shutter speed, and the aperture. So some of the pictures were to blurred, some were so dark you couldn’t even see. This is the one picture that I was able to get of the cat sitting still. The lighting was perfect in bringing out his eye color, which I tried to make the main focus. I really like a cats eyes. The way they glow is just awesome. Thats something I really have to focus on. Im not good with adjusting my camera and that shows in some of my shots.                                                                      finished yellow eyes

In this picture I went for the theme of the eyes yet again. The problem I encountered was that cat could not sit still. Every time I tried he just had the idea to move just a smudge, but enough to ruin the picture. I am really going to practice this weekend on just getting the photos right when I take the picture. If photography becomes a job for me, then I don’t want to waste somebodies time because I cant get the right lighting. As you can see in the photo, the carpet was blurred and so was the edge of the cat. Im trying really hard to work on getting the camera to take a sharp picture, but also getting the right lighting. Thats such a major problem for me.                                     Ghost cat

I called this one ghost cat. I took the overall picture and turned it into a black and white photograph. The reason I did this was because the rest of the image was blurred with the cat. Combined with the orange color of the carpet, it turned into an ugly picture. When I turned it into black and white, a lot of the colors smoothed out on their own. I didn’t have to do a lot of editing, but I whitened the cats paws. That gave the picture something solid to latch onto.

Homecoming parade photo


This is a photo from my schools homecoming parade. I was trying to get a well balanced photo with the lighting, but I didn’t time my shots correctly. I got a little more motion blur than I would have liked. I just need to up the shutter speed next time. I liked the photo cause it had a lot of things happening in it. I really liked how the people in the stands were positioned because it broke up the image from a blank field, to a cool background. I was worried that I would not have gotten a good image cause of lighting, but the huge field lights kinda saved me from a bad picture.


2 thoughts on “Free choice!

  1. White balance. First thing I notice on the first images, looking pretty yellow. Ask if you need me to show you how to quickly fix white balance in LR or Adobe Camera Raw. Quick and easy as long as you are shooting in RAW.
    You will get better and faster/more accurate with your camera as you use it more. It will get better and easier, I promise.

    Last image does look like there is a bit of camera shake. Make sure to get your shutter speed up to avoid this. Get ISO up as well, as needed.
    Nice color in this image though, the WB is right on where it should be.

    Ghose cat- like the motion in the image.
    Make sure to include a link to inspiration and talk about it.

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