My First Post!

My backyard

This was taken with a manual setting, with an iso of 800. I was trying to get a great picture of the sun kinda streaming down into my yard. I woke up around 6 in the morning to get this. I think that I succeeded in my goal. The only editing I did was adjust the hues in the flowers to make them stand out more like the background. I blurred the railing too. I also used a shutter speed of 1/125, to get as much light as I could into the picture. My other picture that I had didn’t turn out as well as i wanted too. Im still learning how to get the focus right on my camera. But I was attempting to get the flowers into focus so I could blur the background more. My favorite picture was definitely the one of the actual porch. I loved the color schemes that I managed to get. The other photo i had was a photo of a street. I like the leading lines that it looked like it was showing. I also got that morning light into the picture that i love! I didn’t really like all the dark shadows that popped up into different spots. But all in all its a decent picture to me. The picture I put in last was a picture of a NRA banquet I volunteered at. It just wasn’t a good picture. I was focusing to much on light and everything else, except for focusing. I think that shows what a photographer needs to do to make a great picture. You need to pay attention to the smaller things. Those make or break a picture. I fixed it up a little bit better in the raw editing, but it is definitely not what i wanted it to turn out like. Next blog post I plan on getting as creative as i can possibly get!

Sunlight flowers

street vieweNRA banquet


One thought on “My First Post!

  1. One thing that can really help with the layout of your blog is to not group together all your text. Talk about photo, then show that photo. Talk about next photo, then show that photo, etc.

    Second and third images, use the burn tool a bit on the sky, especially the third image. Really bring out the color of the sky more.

    Make sure too that in your writing, when you are talking about yourself, use the capital I and not the lower case i. Little things like that can make a big difference in how people perceive you as an artist. If you are not paying attention to things like this, how will you treat them as a client? What things will you not pay attention to with them? Attention to detail.

    One last thing to think about with your posts- if you are fixing up the images, post an image before ANY editing, and then post the after, show off what you can do with your editing.

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